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We are a niche ISP, specializing in cutting-edge connectivity for demanding businesses across most major Metropoles. We provide customized solutions through our own dedicated fiber and microwave backbone, where speed, stability and uptime are non-negotiable commodities.

Experience Remarkable Convergence

We are an ISP in our heart of hearts, but our core networking & connectivity expertise has inspired us towards extraordinary convergence of otherwise diverse products and services. As such we have given cognizance to the advancement of integrated media and automation services that rely primarily on enhanced networking and connectivity.

Typically ISP’s and ICT providers are two separate entities that each provide a critical component of the overall integrated technology solution. ICT providers generally build intuitive solutions with unified communications as a central theme, incorporating many technologies and products, whilst ISP’s generally provide the connectivity solutions to enable reachability of these solutions over the internet or to extend such solutions across multiple locations.

This is where we are truly unique, since we provide both dedicated ISP services as well as the ICT integration deployment, as part and parcel of a fully connected end-to-end solution. These extended services allow our customers a single provider benefit, by being responsible for each component of the entire integrated solution, whether in residential and/or commercial application.

We are remarkably skilled and positioned to provide and integrate many areas of otherwise diverse products and services such as advanced Home Theatre solutions, AV distribution, Video Conferencing, Automated Lighting, Wi-Fi distribution, VoIP and PBX Solutions, Access Control, CCTV and more.


We strive to be masters of technologies typically found in business and residential application, in particular those technologies that in an ideal world of unified communication and platform, would benefit the user as the ultimate all in one solution.

In our research and education of the magnitude of technologies available, we have focused our expertise and resources on those technologies that rely on ISP/ICT services, media and entertainment services as well as control and automation services, thereby providing end-to-end services of excellence in areas that are highly converged in terms of use, value, convenience and potential.

We have grouped our services in logical business units and branded them as follows:






We are an ISP in the truest form, apart from providing Internet access and packet forwarding services, we do so exclusively over our own layer 2 managed fibre and microwave backbone. Our unique positioning allows us to deliver bandwidth via our dedicated infrastructure directly to our customers so that they can benefit from carrier like performance and exceptional quality. Multiple carrier breakouts from our data centers ensure continuity under challenging circumstances, thereby assuring our clients of reliable Internet connectivity.

We manage our own ASN and IP resources that we make available to our customers. We are furthermore also able to publish your organizations IP's or AS should it be required. With respect to VPN services; we are able to accommodate many different types of VPN services and provide your organization with its own VRF to enable a variety of additional service options and remote access possibilities. We are also cognizant of the critical demand for security via encryption and authentication protocols, given the increased use of VPN technologies by most organizations. To that end we have extensive expertise in the design, deployment and management of secure VPNs.

We can efficiently prioritize business-critical traffic such as ERP, database, and web services traffic over less time-critical traffic as well as guarantee bandwidth and latency for streaming applications such as VoIP and video conferencing. We can competently implement scalable, fault-tolerant and secure networks to run industry-standard dynamic routing protocols including BGP, OSPF, RIPv1 and RIPv2 on security gateways, as and where necessary.

As an extension of our connectivity services, we offer custom ICT solutions to businesses, with a view to understand the application of our services in our customers’ respective environments and the ICT impact thereof. As such we have developed innovative ICT Solutions, with a primary focus on network security deployment and management within complex or highly utilized networks, whilst maximizing network performance and security in multi-Gbps environments. We align our unique abilities in this regard with world-class hardware supply and installation and boast impressive expertise on each level and component required to produce superior infrastructure solutions that ultimately allow for thriving communication, collaboration and control.

Our team are also uniquely skilled and equipped to see to all professional cabling requirements, whether it may be traditional copper cabling or optical fiber that is required. We are well versed with all the acutely different applications, standards and protocols within these products and solutions and we offer design, implementation, certification and management services thereof.

Having access to carrier class connectivity, allows our clients to make full use and benefit from the endless possibilities to replace traditional analogue services with IP equivalents that no longer have to depend on multiple individual service provider services, but rather to procure those services directly from us over our extensive network. Typical services such as VoIP are but one of the many services that can be provided in the aforementioned manner, which consolidates multiple service providers into one and provide significant savings accordingly.

With the significant growth of the ICT component in every day business, professional Wi-Fi deployment is now demanded as a necessity and no longer as a luxury. In this regard we are proud to be associated with Ruckus Wireless, the world leading Wi-Fi Solutions Provider. As a Ruckus Big Dog Partner, we keep abreast of the latest wireless standards and protocols, allowing us to boast unique expertise in the designing, implementation and management of multi-zone Wi-Fi Access Point Solutions.

We also offer a variety and combination of the aforementioned services in remote and variable locations such as events and other corporate functions, where high speed local and international breakout can be provided over our Microwave Network with professional Wi-Fi Access.


Media access and distribution has become synonymous with the digital age we live in and our services and expertise provide for an advanced platform to ensure the most practical and efficient distribution of such services. As such we boast purpose designed NAS hardware and access to any content stored centrally, with our own custom range of fully interactive media players in crystal clear 4K with HD Multi-channel sound processing and playback. Our media players incorporate full library management of Movies, TV Series and Music, with customizable content categories and playback options.

A connected home, office or other commercial instance, can take full advantage of having a central control room where all hardware is located, in order to make audio and video sources available throughout multi-room locations, where each room or TV can be independently linked to any audio or video source. We are proudly partnered with world leading brands to ensure the highest quality audio, custom designed for each room, whilst incorporating video options ranging from superior quality TV’s to commercial grade projectors and screens.

We are specialists in the design and building of Home Theatres that range from commercial grade acoustically treated installations to more integrated living room designs that are meant to bring high quality media access and enjoyment to the whole family, in a fairly unobtrusive manner. We boast qualified staff in this regard, compliant with world leading standards and associations.

Our solutions are typically designed to be centrally housed and controlled, which allows for automation and integration across many products, services and providers. As such we incorporate many other popular streaming devices/services such as AppleTV, Netflix, Google Music etc, as part of our custom solution options available to our clients. We also boast automation expertise across all the major platforms (Crestron, RTi and Control4), thereby delivering a solution that can automatically incorporate lighting control, HVAC and Security control to work in tandem with any media access in a particular room, in order to dictate its behaviour in line with your preferences during the playback of a specific media source, genre, time of day etc.


Our involvement from a networking and connectivity point of view in the technology platforms of our clients’ homes and businesses, has logically been extended to other technologies that typically can be incorporated or controlled via these platforms. Access control and IP based Intercom solutions is one of the most prominent technologies to be incorporated into our service platform, as we are able to control, maintain and support these products as part and parcel of an end-to-end solution for our customers. We are proudly partnered with Paxton, which is a world leading brand for incorporated Access Control Solutions. We have extensive expertise in both residential and corporate applications, as well as residential complexes and estates, where our core networking platform allows for a magnitude of options, which otherwise would simply not be possible with a stand alone solution.

Much like the natural extension of our networking platform to incorporate Access Control etc, CCTV is also a service that naturally integrates with our platform. We are specialist IP CCTV Solution providers in residential and corporate applications as well as residential complexes and estates. Since we are in control of the network, we can route footage to external parties for off-site monitoring or give access to Owners/Managers/Agents etc to any or all of the cameras. In environments where we install both Access Control and CCTV, we are able to log linked events, so that it provides us with time markers for scrutiny of recorded footage in a logged fashion, rather than having to spend hours analyzing footage to find a specific event.

With the advancements in networking and in particular the development around Wi-Fi enabled devices, the next level logical extension is the development of integrated control mechanisms that allow consumers unified control over multiple services via IP, rather than using an application for each service independently. To that end we are proud experts in three of the world’s leading automation platforms, namely Crestron, RTi and Control4. These automation platforms all have common areas of excellence for automating the operation of audio, video and environmental management systems such as lighting, shade control and HVAC, as well as most security and alarm systems.

Knowing and understanding the acute differences between the various automation platforms, we can upon a proper assessment of our customer’s requirements, confidently recommend the most suitable platform to achieve same. Offering solutions for both residential and commercial applications, our solutions are uniquely customized to meet the individual needs of our clients, while providing a fully customized, yet simplified interface for the end-user.

In SA we have learned the hard way that business lives and dies by power. With the uncertainties brought about by Eskom’s inability to guarantee electricity from time to time, as well as the rising cost thereof as a result, we believe that it’s only prudent to invest in alternative power solutions.

We have designed a stable power solution that incorporates both redundant power supply as well as conservation of power with a focus on alternative solar power. We can implement same both cost effectively as well as energy efficiently. We use our custom automation skills and platform to manage same and provide the user with an interface that allow for control as well as an insight into energy conservation. Our control systems can be customized to help save money and decrease your environmental footprint by automatically adjusting HVAC, lighting, shades, and more to maximize energy conservation.

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